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If you're a restaurant/cafe owner or chef, you might be interested in speaking to a member of our trade services team.

"We've been sharpening knives for over 150 years and happen to be one of only 2 stores in the UK recommended by 'GLOBAL' to sharpen their knives.

You might be surprised to know that our trade prices are competitive with the likes of Russums' and Nisbets'."

Cook & Bakeware provide us with a fantastic trade service. We buy all of our cookware from them and regularly have our chef’s knives professionally engraved and sharpened. They send us one very simple monthly bill and even better... they deliver these services straight to your door! Would definitely recommend to other local businesses.
— Choosy's Coffee Shop, Huddersfield

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Please feel free to contact us for any trade enquiries. 

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