OUST Dishwasher & Washing Machine Descaler

OUST Dishwasher & Washing Machine Descaler


This product by OUST contains two descaling sachets because life's too short to spend it cleaning, specially designed to restore good-as-new shine and performance to your kettles - no hassle just great results.

performance over time which can ultimately shortens their life and are more costly to run. OUST Dishwasher & Washing Machine Cleaner is specialty formulated to safely and effectively restore these appliances to their best. It descales and deep-cleans in one, removing the limescale, food and detergent deposits. It is important to descale appliances regularly - every 3 months in hard water areas and every 6 months in soft water areas.

Dishwasher (suitable for all types)

  1. Empty dishwasher and pour the contents of 1 sachet onto the bottom of the machine.
  2. Select and run a normal program without pre-wash.

Washing machines (suitable for front-loading automatic machines only)

  1. Empty washing machine and add the contents of 1 sachet to the drum.
  2. Select and run a 60 C cycle without pre-wash.
  3. After cycle has finished, wipe around door seal with household cleaner on a damp cloth or sponge.
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Handle product with care - irritant.