OUST Kettle Descaler

OUST Kettle Descaler


This product by OUST is a drop in bag kettle descaler because life's too short to spend it cleaning, specially designed to restore good-as-new shine and performance to your kettles - no hassle just great results.

Regular boiling can take its toll on a kettle causing limescale to build up that not only looks unpleasant but also reduces performance and can shorten a kettle's life. That's why OUST kettle descaler drop-in-bag is the convenient and quick way to restore kettles to their best in just 10 minutes. The handy drop-in-bag and superfast action are perfect for descaling all types of kettle with the minimum fuss. Its important to descale appliances regularly - every 3 months in hard water areas and every 6 months in soft water areas. Limescale causes damage to the element, shortening its life. It also reduces the efficiency of appliances, making them more costly to run.

Directions for use

  1. Half fill kettle with water and boil (do not overfill). Unplug and place in empty sink. Slowly add 1 sachet. Leave for 10 minues. Use 2 sachets for heavy scale.
  2. If any limescale remains, reheat solution until it fizzes (DO NOT boil as this may cause overflow).
  3. Pour solution away, rinse kettle with cold water, boil again with clean water and rinse once more.



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Avoid spillages; if spilt wash away with hot water and wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Handle product with care - irritant.