Wüsthof Silverpoint Cook's Starter Set

Wüsthof Silverpoint Cook's Starter Set

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  • Peeling knife 2 1/4"/6cm
  • Cook's knife 8"/20cm
  • Utility knife 4 3/4"/12cm
  • Confectioner's knife 9"/23cm
  • Boning knife 5 1/2"/14cm
  • Sharpening Steel 9"/23cm
  • 6-Slot Knife Roll
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This knife set is part of the Wüsthof Silverpoint range. All knives are high-quality and made in Germany/Solingen.

The 2 1/2" (6cm) peeling knife has a curved blade and is therefore particularly suitable for peeling and cleaning round fruit and vegetables. The smooth cutting edge of the peeling knife allows very precise cuts and therefore makes it the ideal aid for scooping out and cutting fruit and vegetables decoratively. This small, handy knife is very comfortable to use for easy preparation. The 8" (20cm) cook's knife is the most essential knife to have in your kitchen, which can be used to slice, dice and mince and kinds of food. The 4 3/4" (12cm) utility knife is very versatile and can be used to mince shallots, onions and herbs, as well as the general cleaning and cutting of fruit and vegetables. The 9" (23cm) confectioner's knife is a true professional knife that will make cutting and slicing so astonishingly easy. The 5 1/2" (14cm) boning knife is the essential tool for deboning chicken and ham, as well as trimming fat and sinew. The boning knife has a tapered, pointed blade in order to work closely around the joints. The 9" (23cm) sharpening steel has a hard, chromium plated surface, with a medium hardness of 65 HRC for easy and effective knife sharpening. The 6-slot knife roll allows for easy and safe storage and transportation of your knives.

- Dishwasher safe.

- This knife can not be purchased by people under the age of 18.