Wüsthof Classic 17cm Fluted Blade Santoku Knife

Wüsthof Classic 17cm Fluted Blade Santoku Knife


This classic Wusthof knife has a Japanese style blade, the hollow edges of the blade making this knife ideal for thin slicing by creating air pockets preventng food sticking to the knife.

The name 'Santoku' comes from the Japanese, and means 'three virtues' ('San' = three, and 'Toku' = virtues). This name is very apt as it describes the suitability of the Santoku knife for chopping, slicing and dicing.

The Classic is the most popular forged knife in the Wüsthof range - a classic design with steel rivets and the characteristic red Trident on the black handle.

The Classic range has a vast selection of models, with perfect workmanship creating a traditional, timeless look.

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- We recommend not to put this knife through the dishwasher as it will damage the blade.

- This knife can not be purchased by people under the age of 18.