Wüsthof Pocket Knife Sharpener

Wüsthof Pocket Knife Sharpener


The handy knife sharpener comes with two levels of sharpening, coarse and fine. It is a convenient way to sharpen knives quickly and easily.

The coarse level is for knives that are completely blunt, the angle of the blade is sharpened using the carbide abrasive wheel within the sharpener.

The fine level is for the regular sharpening of knives and for fine sharpening.

The process of sharpening the knives is easy to do, the blade of the knife is inserted into the sharpener and pulled through slowly and gently to the tip of the blade. The process is repeated until the knife is sharp.

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Clean knives before and after using the sharpener

Available in black and red

Doesn't require past experience of sharpening knives, it's a simple easy process of sharpening