At Booth's we offer the highest quality traditional knife sharpening services. We are one of only 2 stores in the country recommended by 'Global' to sharpen their knives. Whether you just need to maintain a sharp edge, or need a blade completely re-grinding, we can facilitate your preferences. Our services work on a first-come first-serve basis. We try to get them done as soon as possible but there can sometimes be a short delay if demand is high. You may need to leave your knives with us for a couple of days.

Our specially trained members of staff can advise which knives are worth sharpening. If you are uncertain whether your knife can be fixed, be sure to bring it in so we can take a look. And don't worry... our advice comes completely free of charge!

One thing is for certain... we have been sharpening knives for over 150 years.  You won't find anyone better!

Prices start at just £1.50 per knife.